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Fir Meadow LLC
PO Box 1089
Gold Hill, OR 97525


Please remember that we do have a working farm and tend to our dairy goats and medicinal gardens on a daily basis.   We are only available by phone for consultations that are prepaid.   We usually schedule calls Monday through Friday 1 to 4 pm Pacific Standard time (3 hours behind the east coast)  and are closed evenings, weekends, and all national holidays.   We currently do not take payments by phone but do take them via snail mail and paypal.

Kat Drovdahl MH, CR, DipHIr, CEIT is available to speak at conferences and conventions.   Airfare from Medford, OR (or mileage if close enough to drive to), hotels, food, and a conference teaching fee must be covered.  No video or audio recordings are permitted by anyone except Fir Meadow LLC.

If you like come and join our egroup newsletter.   You will only receive posts from Fir Meadow, it is not an open list where anyone can post whatever.   We post product, herb, human and creature tips, product updates, product stories, farm updates, upcoming teaching events, announce book and video releases etc.  We do NOT share your email with anyone.    To subscribe go to
www.yahoogroups.com and search for FirMeadow.

Stories.............  Have a story to share?  Please let us know as they help others.   Be watching for our book in 2011.  I have a livestock/pet project in process with a human one to follow.   And more after that- All Lord Willing.

A-King Joint Support
I originally developed this for a rescue horse from a lab.   This horse spend most of it's time lying down even though on bute.    After about 2 1/2 weeks the horse was up bucking and running...
I have gotten back NUMEROUS stories on foundered goats and also goats with swollen front knees from CAE and how thier bodies have used this to greatly improve mobility.  Very very bad cases of founder where there is a lot of tissue damage will take longer to respond.   I recommend using ReBuilld concurrently to get the body to heal itself faster.

Really helps support the adrendal gland and heart too.   Have used this in various client situations with good results.

This product came about after needing to whip up an emergency formula for one dealing with a diagnosed severe case of hives that did not respond to allopathic treatment.     This is a nice product for creatures with these challenges.

Better Bowels
Kat uses this product herself with her and her husband...  Her first time on it she took it for a year- and still months into it,  layers of old 'things' came out from her colon/intestines...   She uses this also as a later winter/early spring 'cleaning' for her self.    Cats and dogs on storebought pet foods benefit from this as well,  or a livestock animal that you are trying to protect/accentuate peristaltic action with.

Better Daze
K. S. of North Carolina wrote " I appreciate how quickly you shipped the order to me.  The raspberry leaf is very popular with the girls.  I've also been giving Better Daze to my three hardship cases (including my very sick with mastiti herd queen).  Pepper, the herd queen, is felling much better....
Better Daze is popular with senior creatures and failure to thrive creatures.    One Nubian buck was to the day of being put down,  when their friend brough some Better Daze to them.   The buck fully recovered and was ready for breeding season that fall.

Bone, Flesh & Cartilage formula by Dr. Christopher
MF of Oregon emailed me, "  I started taking the BFC as soon as I got home and every 2 hours since, even at night when ever I woke up.  the next day the change was amazing.  Today I stepped out of bed with no pain in the ankle and the swelling is down 80%. If I had called you when it happend I would not have lost a whole week.  What was I thinkg...  well I wasn't.   Old age I guess.  Thank you so much, MF.      Kat's note- she has also been using Wounderful! Salve on the injury.  She was spurred by a rooster who gave her a puncture wound between her ankle and tendon.  She couldn't even wear a shoe on that foot when she came to see me.

CanCleanz Salve
Used in 2009 on a 5 year old grey gelding with a growing sarcoid 'between his cheeks'.   After 6 weeks of application the sarcoid disappeared.  L.D. of Oklahoma

Cleanses (bowels, liver/kidneys, blood)
We have a report back of a middle aged couple expecting a new child.  That wasn't in the plans,  but she got serious about cleaning, her body healed itself from cystic ovaries, and look what they are blessed with :).

A. in Oregon shared that she put her toggenburg doe on this product, after having a difficult time recognizing heats to be able to take her to a breeder to get her bred (they do not have a buck on their farm).   After using the product for 3 weeks she was able to visibly see a nice strong heat- even in late February!   The doe was bred, so as long as she did ovulate (it's getting pretty late in the season) there should be some kids growing in there....
We are now getting many goat stories back of problem breeders breeding and having babies.
You need to make sure their is no uterine infection involved, if so you need to work on that too.
Decongest Salve (and MammarEaze)
LA in Co emailed " DCongest and MammarEaze have worked wondersf for my milkers!"

Unfortunately , black widows and hobo spiders are things we find around here...  This product came together because of OUR need...
In 2008,  my doe (dairy goat), Whimsical, sustained a bite to the fore of her right udder half (I think she layed on one).    I caught it within 1 to 8 hours.   However long it was,  I was faced with a very sick, hot sweaty goat, roaching at the loin, and a very hot, partially congested right udder half low in milk.    I found the wound mark- very small red mark- which you have to catch fast to find...    I threw several herbs together and started drenching her.    In 4 hours I had a nearly normal goat,   in 3 days you would never know her udder had been damaged.    I also used the Lobelia inflata tincture and put a couple dropperfuls along her spine to relax the abdominal cramping, and about 10 drops orally.   I refined the recipe from that event to what we have today.
In 2009, at the National show in Sacramento,  our toggenburg doe, CeCe, sustained a bite under her jaw.   I had loaded her up for milking when I noticed I had an extremely hot sweaty goat that was mopy looking, arched at the loin, and would have nothing to do with her grain (CeCe is ALL about grain!).  I found the hot swelling under the jaw, and started her right away on DVenom.   60 cc's to start,   then 30 cc's every hour.   Lobelia tincture on the spinal region & orally.  Again,  in about 4 hours I had a nearly normal goat, and about 3 days for the swelling to go away.    The following day to the jaw bite,  she sustained an udder bite (same symtoms as above with Whimsical)- Poor CeCe!  This really put the product to the test- a goat can die from an udder bite,  but this is the 2nd bite in less than 24 hours!   Started her back at 60cc & Lobelia inflata tincture, then hourly at 30 cc, then day 2 and 3 at 3x a day with the DVenom only (she was NOT amused) and had her looking good enough to show her in the National show just 2 days later- where she went 12th place!
We have also used Lobelia tincture with my husband to what appeared to be a hobo spider bite to his tummy (same toxin as brown recluse)-  a purple going to black deep bruise with the bite marks.    He took it aggressively besides also soaking a washcloth and really soaking the affected area.   There was no more progression to the damage and it healed quickly.   We LIKE this product. 

Dworm BWW
I started formulating this one back around 2001... And as a Master Herbalist occasionally tweak it a bit more as I'm constantly learning new things and new herbs- a lifelong process...
Several years ago I thought I was doing fecals incorrectly,  so I took some samples to my vet office and one of my vets watch me do them.  Come to find out my procedure was just fine.   There were no eggs to find...
A friend in Missouri did some test groups- both groups were chemically dewormed to establish a set point.   Then one group in the same pen was on DWorm BWW, and the other just the regular interval between chemical.   She said her herbal group had markedly reduced egg counts.
S.B. in Missouri used extra doses of this product with a bottlejaw.  She said the bottlejaw went away in 24 hours, she continued the goat for 3 more days to be sure she was cleaned out good.
A saanen goat herd in Costa Rica that was experiencing several deaths reversed that trend after getting the herd onto PreVent and DWorm BWW.
I get a lot of feedback on this product on coats looking healthier, eyes brighter, rescues or seniors gaining weight better.     Please remember that your husbandry effects the effectiveness of this product.   If your goats are in a filthy environment, expect having a difficult time keeping on top of parasites no matter what you do.

K from Alaska emailed to let us know, " I also wanted to tell you thank you! A friend of mine who is an unltrasound tech untrasounded my dog, K____'s heart for heartworms and coudn't find a single worm.  I know this is from using DWorm H. I want to continue to use it to strengthen his heart (note that we can not make this claim, I am merely quoting the email word for word) through the spring and summer for him and my other canines instead of going back onto the ivomec chews...". 

Dworm W
A.C. from Oregon emailed, " I cannot believe how much better these ponies (rescue shetlands) are looking in just one week of herbal dewormer!"

We REALLY like this product!
Our biggest test to me has been:   giving it to a yearling dairy goat (first kidding), who had been recumbant for a month due to a disability- no exercise for a month.   Single buck kid.    And I didn't get it into her until she was starting to kid (I like to get it into them the morning of).   So 3 strikes against us.   Served her her hot tea,   and in a few minutes we had even well timed productive contractions, and a large single buck kid on the ground.      We have used it several times after hard kiddings to aid in afterbirth expulsion. 
P.A. in West Virginia wrote, " By the way,  the ewe-ter-n is wonderful...  It has worked well on our last two does and also for P.B.'s prize doe!  :-)) "
Fresh Start
"I had the Vet take sample of B____'s blood last month, she said it all looked great.  I wanted another sample this month- the first 4 was great adn the other one was really high.  So I took them off grass and now keeping them in the barn and going to start them back on herbs.   I am sending you a check today for $___, so that should be _ bags of Fresh Start and postage.  Thank you so much"  C in Oregon.    Last summer they had horses poisened by Tansy and one had already died before they contacted me.   They have had them on and off of Fresh Start, with increasingly better results with what could have turned into a larger tradgedy.
1 person emailed me in 2009 wanting to know if anything could be done for their cat.  Their vet quoted them $1000 to do some liver intervention.   They bought 1 bag of Fresh Start, and within days already saw large improvments in their cat.
Another Oregon client informed me in June 2010 that her close buddy, a minature donkey, had been given two days to live by their veterinarian due to a failing liver.   They bought the Fresh Start.  I did not hear back again on this situation until September, at which time I was told the Donkey was doing well.
We've had many similar stories come back to us with this.
I used it about 2008 with dairy goat does quite toxic with mycotoxin poisening from moldy black sunflower seeds (the mold is hard to detect- they mold inside before they mold outside).    One was Rosine (who milked over 4000# in 2009).   She was very ill, pouring diarrhea, and way reduced in milk production.  In just 3 days on large doses of Fresh Start she was nearly back up to normal production and appearance.  I kept her on for a couple weeks longer for additional support, and she milked a 3700# lactation that year, and acquired more BOB (best of breed) wins.  All 3 does recoverd ASAP,  but Rosine was in the worst condition when I figured out what was going on.
Wiese -dairy goat-  in 2009 was poisened by something- diarrhea, acting sick, and froth at her mouth.  Our neighbors had just sprayed, including our fence border- so that is a possibility.    Anyhow,  I got her onto larger doses of the Fresh Start right away and had her turned around fast as well.  I LOVE this product!   She milked over 2700# last year even with the mishap.
I recently used the Fresh Start herbs at double dose several times the first evening to turn myself around in an MSG poisening, along with hand squeezed lemon juice.  My inflamed liver as assessed by checking my hand reflex area, was no longer inflamed 12 hours later.   I also had a racing heart, scattered and 'high' thinking, and rising body temperature.   I also used cayenne tincture to stabilize my heart.  All symptoms except for the liver swelling in the hand and weakness were alleviated within two hours.  I hope it is a very long time before I run into MSG again.

GI Soother
In 2007, at a summer fair, a family brought me their beloved, very underweight, rough coated, unthrifty, and anoerexic Nigerian Dwarf goat kid and put her in my lap.  She was the last of her genetics on the west coast, and had gone through multiple bouts of coccidia that year.    The next year they brought to me this shiny coated, vibrant dry yearling,  almost caught up to her littermates in size and ready for breeding that year.   About a day after the PreVent started, she was able and willing to start eating again,  and they kept her on it to allow her gi tract to heal itself. 
In 2008 Kat had a young wether with yellow smelly diarrhea.   After putting him in his own pen to protect the other penmates from this discharge,   we started giving 2 to 3 large pinches of PreVent by mouth about every 2 hours, and mixed some with electrolytes/goat milk.   By the end of the day we had normal manure, nor more sore tummy back arching,  and he went back with his herdmates.
I've gotten several stories on what a nice chick starter this is- mixed with some mash, it gets them up and moving good.
Here's a couple 2011 stories....
T says in her email , "I had emailed a day or so ago with some worming questions, and had mentioned using GI Soother on a little doeling with a bad case of Coccidiosis.  We brought her home from the fair Wednesday night with bloody diarrhea.  I've hardly ever (if ever!) been able to turn them around from that point.  I am happy to report that this morning, "P......" came bounding to the fence for her bottle, sucking on my daughtyer's fingers like normal!   We used GI Soother and Better Daze as well as some other immune enhancing things I had on hand-- I am SO glad I went ahead and got your products!  Thank-You! You have not only saved a little doeling, but also a little girl's heart!:)   (note from Kat,  we can not say per the FDA that the herbs saved anything, but what we can say is that they gave the body nourishment to repair itself,  I am just repeating the email without editing it).
2011 has been the wettest spring since 1889 in the Rogue Valley- maybe longer but I think that is as far as the records go back here...    It should have been a MAJOR coccidia and parasite challenge year with the kids.   Nope.  They got GI Soother and DWorm BWW in their lambars several times per week and sometimes every day when the weather was very bad.  Not a single coccidia or worm symptom in the Fir Meadow kids.  In fact, I'm having to watch that they don't get FAT.
JA in Oklahoma emailed "By the way,  I don't know what we'd do with out this product!  We struggled with cocci here in OK with our dairy goats until we started using your PreVent (GI SOOTHER new name).  Now we have growthier kids and don't struggle every three weeks with a cocci problem.  No matter what medicine we used it seemed we lost 1 - 2 kids every year from cocci.  (We raise around 60 kids a year.)  Now that's not a problem.  Thank you so much!
RC in TN writes: "I love the first products I ordered last month!...  GI Soother has been a big hit, both here and at the shows.  I have given it to friend's goats who developed scours at teh show (and a doe of mine...) and all made miraculous recoveries and were able to go on and compete. Great stuff!

HerBiotic Herb Mix
Used for multitudes of conditions- viral and bacterial.
"My laying flock finally got over that terrible Newcastle outbreak.  I ended up putting six down. Six out of 80+ is not bad odds, I don't guess, especially since I had to push them to lay for a weekly customer whoe demanded a large amount of hatching eggs AND the chicken house is uninsulated and heated with just a heat lamp (mainly to provide light to get them to lay).  The Herbiotics, MMune and fresh garlic helped quite a bit, they'd stop showing symptoms when I gave those together, every time I tried to take them off it they'd relapse!  Finally when spring came they got completely over it."  C.S.

MammarEaze Salve-  J.H. of Washington wrote, " Just had a doe kid with a bit of swelling (mastitis?) in the lower half of her udder.  Had a small amount of this salve left and put some on her after her first milking.  I milked her again after 6.5 hrs and WOW her udder almost feels normal already!!!"   Later she added, "  I had a doe just freshen yesterday with a LOT of udder adema.  I only had a scrapings of the MammarEaze left, but I did put what I could on her last night.  It may have helped some,  but I'm hoping when I get my jar that I'll be able to get her soft quickly!  Oh, and she's the one that had the bad case of pimples and is all cleared up!"
Kat likes to use this salve in the spring before does freshen.  When she brings them in to lead feed she massages some into the udders to help them get off to a good start...
BW in NC emailed, " I have been doing the MammarEZE adn she has shown definite improvement in the udder.  it is much softer and less clumpy after milking. I brought her back to her breeder to 'babysit' whiel I was going to be away for the weekend, and the first thing she said was, wow, her udder looks really great! :)..."
Lobelia Tincture
H.B. in Tennessee relayed to me in January 2010  that since she started using the Seizless (she takes 10 drops at a time) she has been able to stop every seizure she has coming on.  She has had one instance where she had to take it 3 x the same day, and it still stopped them from coming on.   She has to go seizureless for 6 months to get her driver's license back so she is pleased to have hope she will get there.     To be part of an entire herb program so that causes can be addressed and not just symptoms....  It' s in  a handy 2 oz dropper bottle so it's easy to keep with you and easy to use.
Kat has used it to stop annoying not wanting to go away hiccups.   She took about 10 drops, and also run some down her sternum (breast bone).
We have used it to stop abdominal cramping in dairy goats caused by black widow bites.   I give 10 drops to the does orally, then run a line of it down their spine area on the skin.
I have also used it to help calm animals under distress.
This product is also beneficial to the lungs.

Used a lot with those having a hard time going to sleep at night due to active minds.   It nourishes the nervous system rather than drugging it.   Night Night...
One story came to me from CE in Oregon, who's previously easily upset dog even stayed calm during a freak tornado in the area!

ReBuilld Salve
A.T. from Oregon, his wife told me he just loves his salve.  He was down in bed with an injured back and this is helping his body to be able to get him up and around again.

L.P. from Oregon is using and enjoying the benefits her body is using to help her body repair a whiplash injury to her neck.  The last time she talked to me about her neck she was all smiles.  This is after her doctor had told her she was probably as healed as she was going to get, which wasn't satisfactory to her as she was still in pain with limited range of motion.

HB in Idaho is 3/4 of an inch taller!   Now in her 30's,  she was diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine as a child.  Due to pain and problems with her back she began using the salve.  One night her back began shifting after a few weeks of use on her spine at bedtime.  In the morning she got up and her husband wanted to measure her, because he though she was taller.   And she is, with increased mobility and decreased pain.
BC in WA state uses it after moto crossing and in the evenings after working construction to keep his shoulder and neck from tightening up on him.
BW in NC emailed "Just wanted to let you know, my dh came out of the bredroom this mornign as I was washing my milking pails and says, "you want to see something really weird?".  I turn and he takes both arms and lifts them straight up over his head, like on taht davinci drawing?  Or like you would when doing a jumping jack.  Kat, for 15 years he hasn't been able to lift his arm that way past about 45 degrees from his side without it either going out of joint or without bringing it into the front and twising it around all funny to et it up over his head.  That's pretty amazing.  he said it still feels a little tight and he is moving it slowly to make sure it doesn't pop out, but the fact is there was no way he could move it that way 2 weeks ago....".

Wounderful! Salve
H.C. in Oregon says that her brother's boyfriend used it on psoriasis that she had been battling for 2 years, with no success from prescriptions of many different kinds.   This product, gave quick relief and encouraged the body to heal it's skin.    H.C also stated that her mom had just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico, and had some type of rash on her arm.   She used the Wounderful! on it and in days it was gone.
At Oregon state fair a couple years ago a lady had an alpine kid catch it's foot in the gate.   The pastern (ankle) was hot and swelling.  She started applying Wounderful! to it and by morning the kid was ready to show without any evidence of injury.
A.S. in Oregon used it on a limping goat possibly from a fungal issue, and corrected it.
Kat's most dramatic use was around 2001-  a chicken had been stripped to the skull by a rough rooster.   Instead of putting the bird down we brought her into the house, into a dog kennel, and began applying Wounderful! right onto the skull.    Everything grew back with only minimal scarring and no sign of infection!  We put her back with the flock,  the rooster repeated the incident,  and we had a 2nd success story on the bird.
Kat also used it in 2008 in conjuction with Rebuilld Salve & a splint to repair a broken and turned front leg on a togg buck kid.  Every day we'd remove the splint, reapply salve and guaze wraps- each time the dressings were DRY- the body absorbed all of the salve!  For 7 days he kept his leg hiked all the way up, by day 7/8 he was starting to touch his toe to the ground.  By day 18 he was running full tilt on it and splint was removed.  Salving continued (1/4 inch thick each application) and by day 30 - 32 his leg was again straight and correct.   About another week later (he had been sold) the remaining calcification at the break was reabsorbed indicating the healing was finished.    He was also on a diet of high quality alfalfa hay.
A friend in Oregon, J.S.,  used the salve after carpal tunnel surgery.   He did not start using it right away,  but after talking with me started using it a few days later, first about a half inch away from the stitches to prevent them from tearing, then later the whole surgery site about five times per day.   His doctor was amazed at the last checkup,  only some flaking skin was left, the area has healed without a scar.   He now (Nov 2010) is applying it to a surgery to the other hand, and he started right after surgery.
2011 - a couple stories
My husband's broken leg- broken through the bone in 4 places.      We've used Wounderful and also the Dr. Christopher's Complete Bone and Tissue formulas.  at 5.5 weeks he was allowed to go 50% weight bearing, after the doctor's  mention several times in earlier appointments that it would be at least 8 weeks before any weight bearing would be allowed.  At 6 weeks there is no more swelling after being up on the leg.   At 8 1/2 weeks he is walking on it some.  We are waiting for the xray at 10 weeks to see how much walking he is allowed to do.  My husband said at the 5 1/2 week appointment that the doctor was suprised when she viewed the xrays.  (We weren't!).   He's probably been at 60% of what I would consider ideal herb use for this situation.
Her's a note from C.S. in VA...   "By the way, my husband loves your Wounderful salve.  He has used it on a few wounds- one being a poisenous 'thorn bush' puncture which swelled up terribly and was painful, your salve healed it up quick (Kat's note - per the FDA I can't and don't claim it healed anything,  I'm just not editing the email sent to me).  Usually when you get a thorn bush stab it'll get infected.  And a bad puncture wound on the finger healed well with the salve too.  It seems to really help with pain too."

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